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FOnline Vault 112

Open-source collaboration project

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Welcome FOnline Vault 112

Hello wastelanders and welcome to this open-source project of based on FOnline engine. This project has been created as some repository for my additions to FOnline engine and later hopefully additions of many more people who have nothing better to do in their free time than play the FOnline game they created. I felt also a need to create such an open repository because of many projects that are dead now and additions the project has produces are burried with it.

What is the story of the project?

I was thinking how to combine many ideas of many people in one project, but keep it as open as possible, make as little restrictions as possible and I have come with the idea based on Vault 112 idea of Virtual Reality. With such an virtual reality everyone can make his own "world" with possibility to have his own rules (whether to have unlimited items, tons of HP or supa-dupa power abilities). With idea of Virtual Reality this is made possible (but of course everything has its limits). On the other side, there is also a real world - traveling on WM, trading, treasure hunting, etc. Also current idea of Virtual Reality is based on having the need of Credit which must be used in order to be able to use VR facility. This credit can be bought for junk collected in city encounters (or by bought from traders).

What is the current state of the project?

Project is still in its alpha state, so that means it is not really ready for public use. Many things mentioned above are not completed or before the state of completion. I can only suggest to try it and see for yourself. What project currently offers are some ready-to-use solutions like:


If you feel an urge to contact me, you can do so on